[01-27 END] Mjas Sne Doung Haratey

[01-27 END] Mjas Sne Doung Haratey

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A doctor from a noble family and a girl with an unrevealed past—will they ever fall in love amidst a fight against drug trafficking? Kind, generous and hardworking Kwanruetai is the daughter of M.L Maratee Dhevaprom, whose whole being is in earnest for her mother’s love and approval. She meets young military doctor—Major Dr. M.L Chatklao Juthathep, while on duty in the northern province of Thailand where they are caught in the throes of danger due to gangs and drug wars. Chatklao falls in love with Kwanruetai but she is conflicted given their families’ long-standing estrangement. Her mother is dead-set against Kwanruetai’s romance with Chatklao as his father M.R. Phutthiphat had humiliated her when he broke off their betrothal for another woman. Will Kwanruetai listen to her heart; or are the Juthatheps and Dhevaproms just not meant to be together?

Kwanruthai Thevaphrom or Kwan/Thai was the daughter of Mom Luang Marathi and General Phinit. He is the older brother of two men. Cotton and Mai Seek have a tough personality like a man and love their mother and brother very much. She is Kongphop's half-sister. I have a job helping Kongphop sell rice and deliver it to people who want to buy rice. She and her family live in Chiang Rai Province. Misunderstanding that the hero likes the same forest tree

Major Doctor M.L. Chatklao Juthathep or Khun Chat is the first child born from M.R. Phuttiphat and Krongkaew are M.L. Pokket's older brothers. They have a quiet, rather calm demeanor. Serious about work But when socializing, he is a cheerful, easy-going person, not holding himself back. Chatklao has a career as a military doctor. to be stationed at a camp hospital in Chiang Rai Province

Major Doctor M.L. Chatklao Juthathep, son of "M.R. Phutthiphat Juthathep" and "Krongkaew", has a younger sister, "M.L. Pokket". He graduated from Phramongkut College of Medicine. and moved to a hospital in Chiang Rai There he met " Kwanruethai ", a bold and naughty girl with big legs in the city. He was drawn to her by her cooking skills and fearless nature.

“ Kwanruthai ” is the daughter of “Manee” and has a half-brother named “Kongphop”. She loves her mother very much, but her mother doesn't love her very much because of the past of her birth that is buried deep in her heart.

“ Kwanruthai ” tries to avoid “Chatklao” when she knows that Mae Manee doesn't like her. "Sweet-faced doctor" but because of the situation, both of them have to help each other with the well-being of their lives. Both about sickness and sickness and government assistance Makes both of them close and feel good about each other

Chatklao is sure of his own feelings for Kwanruethai. As for Kwanruethai, who doesn't want to displease her mother, she tries to avoid Chatklao. But then there was an incident where Chatklao took the bullet for Kwanruthai himself until he fell into a coma. Kwanruthai was very worried about Chatklao but felt that he was not worthy of the "Chutathep" family name, so she could only escape from Chatklao's face and say a heartbreaking goodbye.

Kwanruethai decided to change her life. Came to study nursing in Bangkok As for Chatklao Continued to serve in Chiang Rai with loneliness. Until there was another turning point in the lives of the two people.

Love of Khwan Ruethai and Chatklao How will we end up together? Must watch in "Kwanruethai"