[01-18 EP] Bab Sne Toankam Chivit

[01-18 EP] Bab Sne Toankam Chivit

Bab Sne Toankam Chivit
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Raya who comes from an aristocratic family was married to womanizer Phraya Wisut. She seems to be a saint who is kind and giving but is actually evil and merciless. When she finds a new girl who has caught the attention of her husband, she plans to get rid of the other wife, Juan, who was born as a slave in Wisut house.

Luang Wisut takes a slave named Thong Klai as his wife. Later, she is promoted to Phraya and thus marries Raya. and brought him into the house causing Thongkluea's rampage to be unacceptable With a chandelier exterior that created the image of a good person, he gained the trust of Phraya Wisut and received respect from the slaves.

Until one day, Phraya Wisut took Slave Im to be another wife. Slave Im already had a lover named It made Raya even more angry. Therefore creating the story of instigating Thong Kluea to use as a tool to get rid of Siam. Thongklai attacked Im while she was three months pregnant. When Phraya Wisut found out about this, he was very angry. Release Thong Kluea and return to being a slave as before. This made Thongkliang realize that in the past he had been used by Rayan. So he tried to tell the others about Raya's evil ways.

When Raya knew that Thong Kliu had brought his own misfortune to Phonthana, he thought of getting rid of it. He devised a trick that Thong Kliu was the one who gave her the poisonous herbal medicine and ate it until she bled and almost had a miscarriage. Phraya Wisut found out and ordered Thong Kluea to be flogged to death. Thongklai then vowed that in this life he would enslave and consume the light until his death. Phraya Wisut ordered another flogging until Thong Kluea went crazy.

Later, Phraya Wisut took Slave Juan to become another wife. Slave Juan already had a lover, namely Boon. Juan and Im had split up to the point of not burning ghosts. Because he thought that Im was the one who had planned to become Phraya Wisut's wife. Even though the whole thing was Raya's plan. Even worse, I still misunderstood that I was full of love and merit.

Later, she was about to become pregnant with Phraya Wisut. Raya is very angry that he and Im are about to have a child with Phraya Wisut. So he thought of a plan to get rid of almost and full. By putting poison in both of their dishes. But when she was about to eat alone, she had a miscarriage. As for Im, he was accused of slandering her and hiding poison in Im's bedroom. Phraya Wisut caught him and drove Im back to being a slave. Full, come to live and eat with merit.

After that, Phraya Wisut had another wife, Pring Raya. He was very angry so he attacked her. until he almost made himself an enemy of Pring Pring is pregnant at the same time as Raya. The midwife said that Pring would have a boy and Raya would have a girl. Raya therefore plans to get rid of Pring because she wants her child to be the only successor. So he planned to give the poison to Pring to eat, saying that it was the work of Juan Yai Thong, the maid of the chandelier, unable to tolerate the behavior of the chandelier. So he thought of revealing the truth but was killed first.

Phraya Wisut thought that Juan was the one who poisoned Pring. So he ordered him to be beaten until he died. Before dying, he almost said that he wanted to punish Im and Phraya Wisut to the utmost. Coinciding with the raya, labor pains are about to give birth. Juan's spirit then entered Raya's stomach. Raya gave birth to a daughter named Nuyim. Pring asked her sister's son to raise him and named him Pao. Im gave birth to Phraya Wisut's daughter, named Kaew, and had a son with Boon named Kla. Raya had a new servant named Phutson, who had a daughter named Rung Nuyim. He is a violent, angry person, and most importantly, he hates food and hates Phraya Wisut without knowing the reason.