[01-37 END] Pkar Prei Nisai Sne

[01-37 END] Pkar Prei Nisai Sne

Pkar Prei Nisai Sne
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Summary of drama

Pkar Prei Nisai Sne      A story of an uptown girl who must journey to Bangkok to search for work and there, confronts difficulties from selfish people. How is she going to navigate her life around this new environment? (Source: Thaidramatic_update; edited by Soju at MyDramaList)
“Dok Ya Concrete Forest” is the story of Mina (Kaimook-Rungrat), a provincial child who decides to abandon her rice field. Travel to Bangkok Come help dad work to earn money. But Mina's father was brutally killed by an informal loan shark gang, causing her to decide to stand up and fight. To demand justice on the streets of the working class, with Amy (Khaothip Tidadin), a beautiful and hot best friend, Khun Phon (Kong-Witthaya), a police detective, and Uncle Chom (Mike Phiromporn), who are the mainstays in fighting influence. Illegal in order to turn the workers' streets back into a labor market that creates opportunities for workers to escape from the term urban poor.
But their struggle makes Chanon (Toomtam-Yutthana), the evil mafia. Influential people in this area must choose between righteousness and rising to the position of mafia gang leader with their own lives at stake, and this is the beginning of the grass flowers who must fight to survive in the Concrete jungle, what will the final conclusion of this battle be? Come join in the excitement together.