[01-40 END] Chamnorng Sne Amrek Kam

[01-40 END] Chamnorng Sne Amrek Kam

Chamnorng Sne Amrek Kam
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Summary of drama

Chamnorng Sne Amrek Kam      It's even worse for Pim - Pimphan Chalainakup in the drama "Long Ngao" on PPTV HD, Channel 36. Most recently, she teased Gypsy - Keerati Mahaphruekphong, her future daughter-in-law who is pregnant. He kept his valuables on a high place until he fell and nearly died. But luckily, Indy-Intouch Liao Rak Wong Come and help in time. In this scene, the heroine, a gypsy girl with a strong spirit, climbs up the railing to collect underwear that is hanging from a lamp in the middle of a large house, following orders without being afraid of heights.
Under the supervision of a team of all departments who are closely guarding safety. Let's just say that you have to follow and root for the dedication of the gypsy girls in this scene.
For this scene, Srichand (Pim) was dissatisfied with Nam (Gypsy) getting involved and blocking the plan to take over the house and pick up Petchmekha's treasures and was still too close to Sun (Indy). So Srichand pretended to ask. Water helps pick up underwear hanging from a lamp in the middle of the house. Nam tried to reach for her underwear but made a mistake and almost fell to the floor. Luckily, she was able to use her hands to hold on to the railing in time to call for help from Srichand. But Srichand slammed his hand until the water fell to the ground on top of Sun, who rushed in to catch him just in time. Sun was very angry at his mother for treating Nam so harshly and carried Nam to take care of him out of concern. This made Srichand even more angry and annoyed that Sun went into the water in front of his eyes.