[01-40 END] The Last Immortal

[01-40 END] The Last Immortal

The Last Immortal
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The Last Immortal (ENG Sub)

About Film

It tells an inspirational story that happens between Feng Yin, a diligent Shuining Beast, and Gu Jin, son of the true God, whose magic power was sealed. They met each other by accident and have embarked on the journey to find Feng Yin's Immortal Essence since then. In company with their friends including Hong Yi, a fox from the Demon Clan, and Yan Shuang, the Princess from the Eagle Clan, they fight against the odds to collect Feng Yin's Immortal Essence along the way. saw first ep. The fl leaves the ml for the fox demon and starts a war? this is like the worst opening of all time! and why do I get the impression that the ghost king or whatever likes her and doesn't want her to see the ml? My opinion after 4 episodes )) - I love OST, especially opening, BGM, CGI and everything is good - ML and FL supper cute, both chaotic babies, ML personality similar to his kid version in ALP, he is lazy and not the most brilliant 😅😅 but he is kind hearted and really good person, FL right now new born water beast, she cute and funny, but not stupid, and actually reasonable and hard working! - whole story, some part with different immortals honestly some boring, but I really like leads and their interactions (Source: WeTV)